Author name: Donald Keith

Unlock Divine Guidance with God’s Wisdom Now

Why I Created God’s Wisdom Now
Prayer and seeking God’s voice have always been my go-to methods for seeking clarity. In moments of doubt or decision-making, I often find myself turning to scripture, hoping for a random page to offer insights into my situation. It was from these personal experiences that the idea of “God’s Wisdom Now” was born.

The Power of Forgiveness: Lessons from “Even as Christ Forgives You” by Larry Echo Hawk

A Universal Call to Forgive
Regardless of our faith, culture, or background, we’ve all been taught about the importance of forgiveness. Whether it’s a minor slight from a coworker or a deeper hurt inflicted by a loved one, holding onto resentment can weigh heavily on our hearts. But how can we truly let go and forgive? Larry Echo Hawk, in his profound LDS conference talk “Even as Christ Forgives You”, provides us with insights and direction.


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