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The Power of the Book of Mormon in Becoming More Powerful Priesthood Holders

Today’s inspiration is drawn from “Becoming More Powerful Priesthood Holders” by Elder Walter F. González of the Presidency of the Seventy during October 2009.

The Divine Power of Priesthood

In the realm of faith and spirituality, the concept of priesthood holds a unique and profound significance. It signifies a divine authority, entrusted to worthy men, to bless the lives of our Heavenly Father’s children. This authority empowers us to serve, guide, and uplift others. As we delve into the teachings of Elder Walter F. González, let us explore the transformative power of the Book of Mormon in our journey towards becoming more powerful priesthood holders. Just as the Book of Mormon teaches us to find strength in the Atonement of Jesus Christ, let’s explore how it empowers us in the Finding Strength in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Scriptural Inspiration: The Importance of Teachings

The Bible reminds us of the eternal value of teachings: “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16 ESV). These words emphasize that the scriptures, including the Book of Mormon, offer profound guidance and wisdom. Let us delve deeper into Elder González’s message and learn from the powerful Book of Mormon missionaries.

Learning from the Powerful Missionaries

Many years ago, a group of extraordinary priesthood holders, the Book of Mormon missionaries, taught with unparalleled power and authority. Their teachings were so compelling that it was impossible not to believe their words. These missionaries played a vital role in helping people discover the Savior’s teachings and find true happiness. Their examples and words led to a mighty change of heart among thousands, who willingly entered into covenants to endure to the end.

Emulating the Book of Mormon Missionaries

We can draw valuable lessons from the experiences of these dedicated servants of God. By emulating their actions, we too can become more powerful in blessing the lives of Heavenly Father’s children, serving others, rescuing those in need, and growing into more Christlike individuals.

The Power of the Records

Alma the Younger, one of these remarkable missionaries, provides insight into their success. They attributed their effectiveness to their use of the records from which the Book of Mormon was taken. Alma explained to his son Helaman that these plates were instrumental in convincing thousands to repent. This is a clear testament to the transformative power of the Book of Mormon’s teachings.

Divine Guidance in the Book's Creation

The process of bringing the Book of Mormon to light is unlike any other literary work in human history. It is a book that was shepherded by the very hand of God. During His visit to the ancient Americas, the Lord Himself instructed Nephi to bring forth and preserve the sacred records. These scriptures were divinely edited and enriched with specific events and passages to fulfill the purpose of restoring truth to many thousands throughout future generations.

Gratitude for Belonging to Future Generations

As members of these future generations, we can express everlasting gratitude for the privilege of having the Book of Mormon in our lives. It has played a pivotal role in our spiritual journeys. Like Elder González, many of us can vividly recall the moment we first encountered this sacred book. Its pages seemed to be infused with the Spirit of the Lord, drawing us closer to God and filling us with indescribable joy.

The Book of Mormon: A Path to God

The Prophet Joseph Smith made a profound statement about the Book of Mormon, declaring that abiding by its precepts allows a person to draw nearer to God than by any other book. President Thomas S. Monson reinforced this promise, assuring us that as we read and apply the book’s teachings, we will discern whether they are of man or of God. These promises bring joy and hope, both in the present and in our future.

Covenants and Ordinances: Inseparable

The Book of Mormon not only imparts doctrine but also underscores the importance of ordinances and covenants. When the Savior visited the ancient Americas, He established priesthood authority, aligning doctrine and ordinances side by side. To fully apply the Book of Mormon’s teachings, we must engage in priesthood ordinances and embrace the associated covenants.

Transforming the Book of Mormon into a Guide

How can we turn the Book of Mormon into the most-read and best-applied book in our lives? Here are three activities to empower us in our quest to become more potent priesthood holders:

1. Feast Upon the Words of Christ

Engage with the Book of Mormon with the intention to “feast upon the words of Christ.” When we actively seek principles and doctrines that apply to our daily lives, our enthusiasm for this sacred text is reignited. For instance, when guiding our youth through peer pressure, we can explore the Book of Mormon’s teachings that address this challenge. Lemuel’s experience teaches us that understanding how God deals with us can help us cope with peer pressure.

2. Apply Christlike Attributes

Identify and contemplate attributes of Christ found within the Book of Mormon. Recognizing the Lord as a God of truth, who cannot lie, brings hope and assurance. By implementing these attributes in our lives, we become more Christlike and, consequently, more powerful in our priesthood responsibilities.

3. Share the Teachings

Share the doctrines and principles found in the Book of Mormon with others. Missionaries who utilize the book witness the convincing power of God in their efforts. By sharing the Book of Mormon, we can help individuals experience a mighty change of heart and embrace the gospel.

Strengthening Our Priesthood

As we contemplate these principles and engage with the Book of Mormon, let us consider our role as priesthood holders. Our responsibility is to bless the lives of Heavenly Father’s children, serve others, and rescue those in need. By drawing from the teachings of the Book of Mormon, we can empower ourselves to make a more significant impact on the world.

In a world that yearns for light and guidance, let us share the transformative power of the Book of Mormon. By doing so, we can become more powerful priesthood holders, leading others to the truth and helping them make covenants to endure to the end. As we strengthen our connection to this sacred book, we strengthen our connection to the divine.

May the Book of Mormon continue to be a source of inspiration, guidance, and empowerment in our lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.  Link to the original: Becoming More Powerful Priesthood Holders

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