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This is a common ground for all Christians to learn, share, and grow. United by love for Jesus and His teachings, we embrace our unique paths.

Delve into the Catholic faith and its belief in the Apostolic Succession, where divine authority is believed to be passed down from Peter to present-day Church leaders.

Discover the Protestant tradition, where authority stems directly from the Bible after the original divine authority was believed to have been lost.

Unearth the Restored Gospel faith that believes in the reestablishment of divine authority through heavenly messengers in recent times.

Unity Among Christian Philosophies – Despite our unique paths, we are all connected by our love and devotion to Jesus Christ. Explore shared principles and teachings that weave us together in faith.


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Thank you for visiting our Christian Resource website. We’re building a special place here that brings Christians together from all walks of life, and your help would be great!

What we need from you are suggestions. Ideas for things we can include on our site that would help you, and other Christians, to learn, grow, and feel united in faith. Maybe there’s a specific topic you’d like to see covered, a prayer that touched your heart, or a Christian song that’s been on your mind.

This is a place for all of us, so let’s keep it friendly. We’re cool with different opinions – that’s how we learn from each other! But let’s remember to share our thoughts respectfully, with the kind of love that Jesus showed us. No room for ugliness or bashing here.

We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing what great ideas you have to make our site even better. Together, we can create a place that truly serves and unifies the Christian community.

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