Hear Him: Finding Light Amidst Life's Storms

Today’s inspiration is drawn from “Hear Him” by President Russell M. Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, during April 2020.

The Call to "Hear Him"

In the face of adversity and turmoil, we often seek guidance and solace in our lives. Today’s wisdom is drawn from the words of President Russell M. Nelson, delivered in April 2020, during a period of global challenges. His message, titled “Hear Him,” encourages us to find light in the midst of life’s storms by listening to the Savior’s voice.

Scriptural Inspiration: In Times of Fear, "Hear Him"

The scripture that resonates with President Nelson’s message is found in the Book of Matthew 17:5, where God the Father introduced His Son, Jesus Christ, on the Mount of Transfiguration, saying, “This is my beloved Son: hear him.” This divine directive emphasizes the importance of heeding the Savior’s counsel during times of fear and uncertainty.

Navigating Life's Disruptions

President Nelson begins by acknowledging the disruptions that many of us have experienced in our lives—earthquakes, fires, floods, plagues, and their aftermaths. These disruptions have not only altered our routines but have also led to shortages and challenges in our daily lives.

The Light Shining Brighter Amidst Darkness

President Nelson reminds us that amidst the growing darkness that accompanies tribulation, the light of Jesus Christ shines even brighter. It’s a time when our faith and love for the Savior can inspire others to discover the blessings of the gospel.

Witnessing the Gathering of Israel

President Nelson shares his experiences of meeting with thousands of individuals worldwide. He reflects on the feeling that he was witnessing the gathering of Israel happening right before his eyes, a fulfillment of ancient prophecies.

The Restoration of the Gospel

President Nelson emphasizes the significance of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It means that families can be sealed together forever, that the Holy Ghost can be our constant companion, and that we can access the power of God to help us in turbulent times.

Learning from the Book of Mormon

President Nelson draws parallels between our day and the rise and fall of civilizations in the Book of Mormon. He highlights the tendency of people to forget God, reject His prophets, and prioritize worldly pursuits. The parallels serve as a stark reminder of the challenges we face.

Recognizing the Messages of Truth

President Nelson points out that messages from God differ significantly from the adversary’s clever deceptions. Heavenly messages are simple, quiet, and plain, whereas the adversary’s messages are loud, bold, and boastful.

Hear Him" in Times of Fear

President Nelson underscores the importance of hearing the Savior’s voice, especially when we are surrounded by fear and uncertainty. He highlights three significant instances where God introduced His Son to people in times of fear, emphasizing the need to “Hear Him.” Personal Experiences: Seeking Guidance and Strength in the Word of God

Intentionally Seeking the Savior

President Nelson encourages us to seek the Savior more intentionally in our lives. He emphasizes the significance of immersing ourselves in the scriptures and daily feasting on the words of Christ to navigate life’s challenges.

Finding Him in the Temple

President Nelson underscores the importance of the temple, describing it as a place where we can learn, communicate with heaven, and draw upon the Lord’s power. He invites us to schedule time to worship and serve in the temple.

Recognizing the Whisperings of the Holy Ghost

President Nelson urges us to refine our ability to recognize the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. He explains that knowing how the Spirit speaks to us is imperative, especially in a world filled with distractions and deceptions.

Heeding the Words of Prophets

President Nelson emphasizes the role of prophets, seers, and revelators in guiding us through life’s challenges. He encourages us to listen to their counsel and teachings.

Embrace the Restoration

As we reflect on President Nelson’s message, let us remember the divine call to “Hear Him.” It is a call to seek the Savior’s voice, to heed His counsel, and to follow His teachings. By doing so, we can find the light amidst life’s storms and make the world a better place, one act of love and faith at a time. Link to the original: Hear Him

God Is Available. He Loves You…Do You Want Help?…see Prayers Answered”

The content is about finding guidance and strength in challenging times by “Hearing Him” and emphasizes the importance of embracing the message of President Russell M. Nelson. It highlights the significance of the Restoration, personal revelation, recognizing divine messages, and heeding the words of prophets.

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