Seeing More of Jesus Christ in Our Lives: A Journey of Faith

Today’s inspiration is drawn from “Seeing More of Jesus Christ in Our Lives” by Sister Tracy Y. Browning, Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency, during the October 2022 general conference.

In a world filled with distractions and uncertainties, the invitation to see more of Jesus Christ in our lives shines as a beacon of hope and guidance. Sister Tracy Y. Browning’s inspiring message during the October 2022 general conference reminds us of the profound impact that focusing on the Savior can have on our daily existence. Let’s explore the significance of this invitation and how it can lead us to a more Christ-centered life.

Seeing Through Spiritual Lenses

Much like Sister Browning, many of us rely on physical aids like glasses to see the world clearly each day. Without them, the world appears distorted and disorienting. Sister Browning’s routine practice of reaching for her glasses in the morning mirrors our daily dependence on spiritual tools to navigate life’s complexities.

These spiritual tools, unlike glasses, don’t just clarify our vision of the world; they clarify our understanding of ourselves and our relationship with Jesus Christ. Sister Browning reminds us that the Savior’s love, teachings, and laws are readily available resources to enlighten our spiritual eyes and quicken our understanding. In a world filled with questions and challenges, these divine resources become our guiding light, helping us see things as they truly are and as they will be.

The Law of Moses and Symbolism

To understand the invitation to see more of Jesus Christ in our lives, Sister Browning draws parallels with the Law of Moses in the Old Testament. The law, laden with symbolism, was designed to help the early Israelites look forward to the coming of Jesus Christ. However, over time, the Israelites lost sight of Christ in their observances. They added unauthorized practices that obscured the true meaning behind the law.

This loss of focus led to a distorted understanding of the gospel. People believed that following rituals and protocols equated to personal salvation. Similarly, today, we may sometimes get caught up in routine practices without truly recognizing their connection to Jesus Christ. Sister Browning’s message encourages us to restore that focus and clarity, much like picking up a pair of spiritual lenses to see Christ in everything we do.

Invitation to "Come Unto" Christ

As Sister Browning’s personal experience exemplifies, our choices and behaviors often prompt questions from others. Why do we follow certain practices and standards? What motivates our adherence to the gospel? These inquiries serve as invitations to clarify our own understanding of our discipleship.

When we respond to such questions, we are essentially accepting an invitation to pick up our spiritual lenses and see more of Jesus Christ in our lives. This process helps us gain a deeper testimony of the Lord’s vision and motivations behind gospel practices. Through our efforts to look to Christ in every thought and deed, our spiritual eyes are enlightened, and our understanding is quickened.

The Savior as Our Compass

To see more of Jesus Christ in our lives is to fix our focus on Him as our Savior, the purpose of our discipleship, and the intent of our spiritual journey. President M. Russell Ballard wisely stated that the sacrifice changed from the offering to the offerer. In other words, our spiritual practices should be motivated by our desire to draw nearer to Christ.

When we view Jesus Christ as our compass, we recognize that He alone is the source of power, forgiveness, and redemption. Our offerings to Him, whether in the form of service, obedience, or testimony, are acts of submission, mirroring His perfect submission to the Father’s will.

Sharing the Light

As we accept the invitation to see more of Jesus Christ in our lives, we are transformed. Our understanding deepens, our faith strengthens, and our testimony grows. We become beacons of light, illuminating the path for others.

In a world often clouded by confusion and uncertainty, we can share the light of Christ. Acts of kindness, service, and love become powerful ways to help others see Him more clearly in their lives. By focusing on Christ and striving to live His teachings, we not only improve our own lives but also contribute to making the world a better and more Christ-centered place.

In conclusion, Sister Tracy Y. Browning’s message reminds us that we have been blessed with spiritual tools to see more of Jesus Christ in our lives. Just as we rely on physical aids like glasses for clearer vision, we can depend on the Savior’s love, teachings, and guidance to navigate the complexities of life. Let us accept the invitation to fix our focus on Christ and, in turn, help others see Him more clearly. Together, we can make the world a brighter, more Christ-centered place. Link to the original: Seeing More of Jesus Christ in Our Lives

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