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Finding Self-Reliance Through Spiritual and Temporal Preparedness

Today’s inspiration is drawn from Elder L. Tom Perry’s insightful talk on self-reliance delivered in October 1991. In his address, Elder Perry emphasizes the significance of self-reliance, both spiritually and temporally, and provides valuable guidance on how we can strive to become more self-reliant individuals.

A Lesson from Nephi

In the Book of Mormon, we encounter the remarkable account of Nephi and his quest to build a ship as per the Lord’s command. This story teaches us an important lesson about self-reliance. The Lord instructed Nephi on where to find the necessary materials but left him to figure out the process himself. Nephi didn’t ask for the tools; he learned to make them. This narrative underscores a fundamental principle: the Lord expects us to exercise our own initiative and self-reliance.

This principle resonates throughout the scriptures, showing us that we are to actively seek solutions and not just rely on divine intervention for every matter. It’s seldom that the Lord will do something for us that we can do ourselves. We must be willing to roll up our sleeves and put in the effort.

The Importance of Self-Reliance

Why is self-reliance so crucial? It is because independence and self-reliance are not just prerequisites for our temporal well-being, but they also play a significant role in our spiritual growth. When we become too dependent on external sources for our needs, we risk losing our freedom to act and make choices.

President Heber J. Grant astutely noted, “Nothing destroys the individuality of a man, a woman, or a child as much as the failure to be self-reliant.” Our individuality, our agency, and our spiritual progression are all closely tied to our ability to be self-reliant.

Self-Reliance in a Rapidly Changing World

In today’s world, marked by rapid change and uncertainty, self-reliance has never been more critical. We witness governments rising and falling, industries evolving and becoming obsolete, and scientific discoveries continually reshaping our understanding of the world. It’s no longer enough to have one career path; we must be prepared to adapt and pursue multiple paths during our productive years.

So, how can we become more self-reliant, both spiritually and temporally?

1. Embrace Spiritual Self-Reliance Through Scripture Study

Just as Nephi turned to the scriptures for guidance, we too can find spiritual nourishment in the holy scriptures. The Bible and the Book of Mormon contain timeless principles that serve as a foundation for our lives. Through study and meditation, we can draw wisdom, guidance, and strength. Let’s remember that the scriptures provide a divine center to our lives here in mortality.

2. Prioritize Temporal Self-Reliance

Our temporal self-reliance encompasses various aspects, including education, physical health, employment, home storage, resource management, and social and emotional well-being. It’s essential to take care of our bodies, pursue education and career opportunities, and manage our resources wisely. By working together as families, we can find productive ways to build self-reliance in these areas.

3. Be Mindful of Material Acquisitions

In a world where consumerism often tempts us to acquire more, it’s vital to exercise prudence in our material acquisitions. Avoid the trap of accumulating possessions for the sake of it. Instead, focus on making thoughtful and lasting purchases that truly add value to your life.

4. Prioritize Financial Well-Being

Financial self-reliance is a critical aspect of our temporal preparedness. Establishing a habit of saving a predetermined amount after paying tithing can lead to financial stability and security. Be mindful of your investments, save for emergencies and retirement, and live within your means.

As we reflect on the importance of self-reliance, both spiritual and temporal, let’s commit to applying these principles in our lives. Self-reliance empowers us to navigate an ever-changing world with confidence and faith. By embracing self-reliance, we can find the strength to face life’s challenges and help others do the same.

Let’s heed the counsel of Elder Perry and remember that self-reliance is not a doomsday program—it’s a daily practice. As we seek to become more self-reliant individuals and families, we will not only strengthen ourselves but also contribute to making the world a better place for all.

May we hold fast to these eternal truths of self-reliance and continue to grow in self-sufficiency and resilience. In doing so, we can find greater joy and fulfillment in our lives and become a source of inspiration and assistance to those around us. Link to the original: Becoming Self-Reliant

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