Developing the Faith to Find

Developing the Faith to Find

Today’s inspiration is drawn from How Do I Find People to Teach?

Finding people to teach is a cornerstone of missionary work, but it requires faith and perseverance. The doctrine in this chapter assures us that the Lord is preparing individuals to receive the gospel. Missionaries need to be guided by the Spirit, adapting their methods to the circumstances of their assigned areas. This universal principle underscores the importance of faith in every missionary’s efforts to find those ready to embrace the restored gospel.

Building the Family of God

All people on earth are part of God’s family, a truth that brings us a sense of identity and belonging. As missionaries, it is our responsibility and blessing to teach these restored truths. The knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters gives us hope for eternal life in God’s presence. This understanding should motivate us to help others find their place in God’s family through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Find Them That Will Receive You

Missionaries are tasked with building up the Church by finding “them that will receive you” (Doctrine and Covenants 42:8). These individuals may not immediately recognize the missionaries as the Lord’s servants or understand the gospel’s profound impact. However, with persistent effort and spiritual guidance, missionaries can help them discover the peace and purpose found in the restored gospel. The Lord promises that if we speak the thoughts He puts in our hearts, we will not be confounded before men (Doctrine and Covenants 100:4-6).


Talking with Everyone

Effective missionary work involves talking to as many people as possible each day. This can be daunting, but with faith and courage, missionaries can overcome their apprehensions. By trusting the Spirit, listening sincerely, and being friendly and cheerful, missionaries can create opportunities to share the gospel. Discussing families, offering help with family history, and inviting people to learn about the restored gospel are practical ways to initiate these conversations.

Member Involvement: A Vital Resource

Involving Church members in finding efforts significantly enhances missionary work. When members invite others to be taught and participate in the teaching, more people are baptized and remain active in the Church. This support system is crucial as it provides a familiar and comforting environment for new converts. Missionaries should develop strong relationships with members, including active members, returning members, prospective elders, and recent converts.

The Role of Referrals

Referrals from members, other missionaries, or Church headquarters are invaluable. These individuals are often more receptive to the gospel message. Missionaries should promptly contact referrals, learn about their needs, and tailor their teachings accordingly. By working closely with the referring parties, missionaries can provide a seamless and supportive introduction to the gospel.


Family History: A Powerful Tool

Family history work, inspired by the spirit of Elijah, is a compelling way to find people to teach. Many people are drawn to discover their ancestors and feel a connection to their family heritage. Missionaries can use family history resources, like, to engage people in meaningful conversations about their families. This often leads to discussions about the gospel and its teachings on eternal families.

Reconnecting with Previously Taught Individuals

People who have been taught previously can be a rich source of potential converts. Reviewing the area book for these individuals and making plans to contact them again can yield positive results. Often, they may have been close to accepting the gospel but needed more time or a different approach.


Finding through Your Own Efforts

Missionaries should explore various ways to find people to teach. This includes working with local leaders to identify individuals who have experienced significant life events, offering service, and using digital resources. The goal is to be proactive and creative in finding those whom the Lord has prepared.

No Effort Is Wasted

Missionary work is never in vain. Even if people choose not to learn more about the gospel, the effort to serve and teach them is an expression of God’s love. These interactions can plant seeds that may flourish later. Missionaries should remain diligent and positive, knowing that their work contributes to the broader plan of salvation.

The principles outlined in this chapter offer valuable insights for anyone looking to make a difference. Whether you are a missionary, a Church member, or someone seeking to serve others, these guidelines can help you use your time and efforts effectively. Let’s take inspiration from this guidance and commit to helping others find their place in God’s family. Together, we can make the world a better place by sharing the restored gospel and serving our fellow beings.

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