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Treating Your Spouse as a Daughter of God: Lessons from Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi

Today’s inspiration is drawn from “Daughter of God” by Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi of the First Quorum of the Seventy, during April 1988. In this touching message, Elder Kikuchi reminds us of the sacred responsibility we have to treat our spouses as daughters of God. This concept not only applies to married couples but holds valuable lessons for everyone. Let’s explore the profound insights shared and how they can make our world a better place.

A Reverent Perspective

The Special Feeling of “Daughter of God”
The term “daughter of God” carries a unique reverence. It reminds us of the divine nature within each individual and the responsibility we hold towards them.

Reflecting on Your Spouse

Elder Kikuchi encourages us to pause and consider our spouses. They were entrusted to us by Heavenly Father as His special daughters. It’s a profound thought that should guide our actions and attitudes.

Love Thy Wife

The Two Great Commandments
Elder Kikuchi reminds us of the two great commandments given by the Lord. The first is to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and the second is to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Your Wife: The Closest Neighbor

Among all the children of our Heavenly Father, our spouse is the closest neighbor we can have. Loving your wife is not just a suggestion; it is a divine commandment.

The Scriptural Emphasis

The Lord is explicit in His commandment to love our wives with all our hearts. Marriage, according to the scriptures, is ordained of God and honorable.

Abraham's Commitment The Sacrificial Love of Abraham

Elder Kikuchi draws a parallel between Abraham’s willingness to offer his son, Isaac, and the commitment required in our marriages. Abraham’s profound commitment to God serves as an example.

The Spirit of Isaac

While Abraham’s commitment is vital, Elder Kikuchi reminds us of the need for the spirit of Isaac in our marriages. Isaac did not run away when he knew he was the offering. In our marriages, we need both unwavering commitment and the willingness to trust and support one another.

Behold Thy Mother The Savior's Love for Women

Elder Kikuchi highlights the special place women hold in the Savior’s heart. He notes that the first person to witness the resurrected Lord was a woman, Mary Magdalene, emphasizing the Savior’s deep love and respect for women.

Entrusted to Care for God’s Daughters
The question posed is whether we are worthy to be entrusted by the Lord to take care of one of His daughters. It’s a powerful reminder of the trust that exists in marriage.

Jonathon H. Napela: A Living Example
The Missionary Work in Hawaii
Elder Kikuchi shares the story of the missionary work in Hawaii, where initially, the missionaries struggled. However, through faith and inspiration, they found a way to succeed.

A Man's Love for His Wife

The story of Jonathon H. Napela, a man who willingly went to a leper colony to be with his wife, demonstrates profound love and commitment. He knew that love transcends sickness and health.

An Example of Christlike Love

Jonathon Napela’s actions echo the principles of charity described by the Apostle Paul. His love and service to his wife and people exemplify what it means to love as the Savior loved.

Love Your Wife as a Daughter of God Honoring Your Companions

The message is clear: we must honor our spouses. We must care for them, be thoughtful, and demonstrate our love. After all, God has joined us together.

A Final Call to Action

Elder Kikuchi’s message encourages us to reflect on our relationships, especially our marriages. It reminds us to love and honor our spouses as daughters of God, just as Jonathon H. Napela did.

Making the World a Better Place

The Impact of Treating Others as Daughters of God
When we treat each other as daughters and sons of God, we create a world filled with love, respect, and compassion. It is a world where commitments are honored, and love knows no bounds.

A Call to Make a Difference

As you reflect on this message, consider how you can apply these principles in your relationships. Extend kindness, love, and care to those around you. In doing so, you contribute to making the world a better place.

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