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Tithing: Open the Windows of Heaven and Bless the World

Today’s inspiration is drawn from Tithing: Opening the Windows of Heaven by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles during October 2023 general conference.

Understanding the Power of Tithing

Tithing, a principle deeply rooted in religious traditions, carries profound spiritual significance. In the Latter-day Saint faith, Elder Neil L. Andersen’s inspiring message underscores the transformative power of tithing, not only in our personal lives but in the broader scope of blessing the world.

Biblical Wisdom: Tithing as an Act of Faith

The scriptural foundation of tithing finds its roots in the book of Malachi, where the Lord invites us to “prove me now herewith” (Malachi 3:11). This unique phrase reminds us that tithing is not just a matter of monetary transactions; it’s a matter of faith. By giving back to the Lord, we demonstrate our willingness to put Him first, trusting that His blessings will follow.

Tithing's Sacred Covenant: An Act of Obedience

Elder Andersen emphasizes that tithing is a divine law, a commandment from the Lord, and not just a suggestion. It’s a way for us to fulfill our sacred covenant with God, showcasing our faith and devotion. When we pay our tithes, we consecrate a portion of our increase, acknowledging that all we have comes from God.

The Promise of Blessings: Windows of Heaven

One of the beautiful promises of tithing is that the Lord will “open … the windows of heaven” and bless us beyond measure (Malachi 3:10). These blessings can manifest in various ways—both temporal and spiritual. Elder Andersen reassures us that we must trust in the Lord’s timing; the blessings always come.

Blessing the World: Tithing's Global Impact

Tithing is not just a personal or local matter; it has a global impact. Elder Andersen shares stories of how tithing funds are used to alleviate suffering and spread the gospel worldwide. The Church’s generous donations provide relief to vulnerable children and mothers across the globe, and monthly fast offerings help those in need within local communities.

The Gospel's Solution to Poverty

While the world grapples with poverty and inequality, Elder Andersen reminds us that the only permanent solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a reminder that the Church’s mission is not only to provide temporal assistance but also to bring lasting spiritual change to people’s lives.

A Sacred Responsibility: Managing the Lord's Funds

It’s crucial to recognize that the funds contributed through tithing do not belong to Church leaders but to the Lord. The Church leaders carefully steward these sacred funds, with decisions prayerfully made by councils, including the First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and the Presiding Bishopric. The aim is to use these resources to further the work of the Lord.

The Impact of Tithing: Blessing Lives Worldwide

Elder Andersen shares a heartwarming statistic—over a billion US dollars from tithes and offerings were used last year to bless lives globally. These funds support various critical initiatives:

Missionary Work: The Church currently boasts over 71,000 missionaries serving in 414 missions. Tithing ensures that regardless of their financial situation, missionaries can serve and share the gospel.

Temple Construction: Temples play a vital role in the lives of Latter-day Saints. Currently, there are 177 temples in operation, with more under construction or in planning. Tithing makes these blessings accessible to Saints worldwide.

Global Expansion: With more than 30,000 congregations in 195 countries and territories, the Church is thriving and growing, thanks to faithful tithes.

Education: The Church sponsors five institutions of higher learning, serving over 145,000 students, and offers seminaries and institutes, where 110,000 classes are taught each week.

The Power of Trust: Tithing as an Act of Faith

The power of tithing isn’t measured by the amount contributed but by the trust we place in the Lord. Tithing allows us to declare our faith in Him, trusting that He will fulfill His promises. It’s a reminder that we should be willing to put the Lord above our own cares and interests.

Blessing the World Through Tithing

In conclusion, Elder Neil L. Andersen’s message on tithing teaches us that this sacred practice not only brings blessings into our lives but also plays a significant role in blessing the world. It’s a testament to the power of faith and obedience.

Make a Difference

As we reflect on the profound impact of tithing, let us consider how we can contribute to making the world a better place. It begins with our own acts of faith and obedience, including paying an honest tithe. But it doesn’t end there. Let us extend our hands to those in need, support charitable causes, and strive to be a positive force for change in our communities. 

In the words of Elder Andersen, we are part of God’s important work upon the earth. Together, through our faith, obedience, and acts of kindness, we can bring about remarkable blessings and make the world a better place for all of God’s children. Link to the original: Tithing: Opening the Windows of Heaven

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