The Unlikely Hero: Cliff Young

Today’s inspiration is drawn from ‘Let Us Run with Patience the Race That Is Set Before Us’ by Bradley P. Owens during 2024.

The Unlikely Hero: Cliff Young
In 1963, a 61-year-old Australian farmer named Cliff Young shocked the world by winning a 544-mile ultramarathon from Sydney to Melbourne. Cliff’s victory was not just a win; it was a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of running your own race. Despite his unconventional training in gumboots and being laughed at by seasoned runners, Cliff persevered and crossed the finish line, breaking the previous record by two days. His story exemplifies the principle of enduring with patience and faith, a lesson that resonates deeply in our spiritual and everyday lives.

Running with Patience

The Apostle Paul encourages us in Hebrews 12:1, “Let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” This race of life is filled with challenges, unexpected turns, and moments of doubt. Just like Cliff Young, we might face skepticism from others and even ourselves. However, the key to success lies in staying true to our path and trusting in the process.


The Role of Adversity

Adversity is an inevitable part of our journey. It tests our limits and builds our character. Cliff Young’s story reminds us that the hurdles we face can turn into stepping stones if we tackle them with the right attitude. Whether it’s a poorly marked course, a missed meal, or a lack of sleep, how we respond to these challenges shapes our ultimate success.

Repenting and Realigning

In our spiritual journey, repentance and realignment are crucial. Just as Cliff had to find his own pace and strategy, we too must frequently check our direction and make course corrections. President Nelson emphasizes the importance of daily repentance, likening it to a joyful habit that brings happiness and peace. Repenting is more than just correcting sins; it’s about turning back to Christ and refining our focus on Him.

Anticipating and Accepting Adversity

We should anticipate and accept adversity as a part of life. It’s through these trials that we grow stronger and more resilient. When we set our hearts on eternal things, we gain a perspective that helps us endure the toughest challenges. Jesus Christ assured us in John 16:33, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Cleaving to Christ

Our strength comes from cleaving to Christ and the covenants we make with Him. Unlike Cliff’s inexperienced road crew, Christ knows the way perfectly and offers us infinite spiritual power through His atonement. Regular temple attendance and living our covenants provide us with the strength and clarity we need to navigate life’s complexities.

Never Giving Up

Endurance is about never giving up, no matter how tough the journey gets. Simple, repeatable spiritual practices like prayer, scripture study, and service help us build momentum and keep moving forward. These practices renew our energy and faith, ensuring that we not only finish the race but do so with joy and growth.

Cliff Young’s incredible journey teaches us that with patience, resilience, and faith, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve our goals. Just as he became a symbol of determination, we too can inspire others by staying true to our values and persevering through life’s challenges.

Let us all strive to make the world a better place by embracing patience, resilience, and faith in our daily lives. Reflect on your own journey and find ways to help others along the way. Together, we can create a community that supports and uplifts one another, just as Cliff Young’s story has inspired us.  Link to Original:

Let Us Run with Patience the Race That Is Set Before Us

God Is Available. He Loves You…Do You Want Help?…see Prayers Answered”


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