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The Power of Compassion: Embracing the Savior's Example

Today’s inspiration is drawn from “The Savior’s Abiding Compassion” by Elder Ulisses Soares, Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles during October 2021 general conference.

Compassion, a Gospel Essence

Compassion lies at the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the divine quality that elevates our souls and bridges the gaps between us, echoing the Savior’s own teachings and actions. In this blog post, we explore Elder Ulisses Soares’ insightful message on compassion and how we can emulate the Savior’s example in our lives.

A Profound Principle

One of the profound principles that Jesus taught during His earthly ministry was the importance of compassion. It was a guiding force behind His interactions with people from all walks of life. Let us delve into the story of Jesus’s visit to the home of Simon the Pharisee to better understand the depth of His compassion.

A Tale of Two Hearts

In the Gospel of Luke, we encounter a powerful story of contrasts. A woman, regarded as a sinner, displays profound humility and reverence in the presence of Jesus, washing His feet with her tears, wiping them with her hair, and anointing them with precious ointment. Conversely, Simon the Pharisee, filled with pride, looks down on the woman and judges Jesus for allowing her near Him.

The Savior's Omniscience

While Simon harbors judgment, the Savior, in His omniscience, recognizes the woman’s genuine repentance and love. He gently rebukes Simon’s condescending attitude and underscores the importance of hospitality and compassion in welcoming a special guest like Himself. Jesus’s actions reveal His divine gift of prophecy.

Compassion: A Divine Characteristic

Elder Soares emphasizes that compassion is rooted in charity, the pure and perfect love exemplified by the Savior’s Atonement. It intertwines with other Christian virtues, such as mourning with those who mourn, showing empathy, extending mercy, and demonstrating kindness.

Compassion in Action

The Savior’s compassionate acts were not occasional or mandated tasks but everyday expressions of His deep love for God and His children. He identified people’s needs even from a distance, always extending His merciful hand to those suffering physically and spiritually.

The Call to Compassion

Like the sinful woman and the widow of Nain, many within our sphere of influence are seeking comfort, understanding, and assistance. We are called to follow the Savior’s example and extend compassion to those in need, just as He did.

Sensitivity to Others' Needs

As we intentionally incorporate compassion into our lives, we become more sensitive to the needs of others. Our actions are infused with genuine love and interest in their well-being. The Lord recognizes our efforts, and we become instruments in His hands, bringing relief to those whose hands “hang down.”

Judging with Compassion

Elder Soares emphasizes the importance of refraining from harsh and cruel judgments. We must remember that, unlike the Savior, we cannot fully understand all the circumstances that contribute to someone’s actions or attitudes. We are called to look at others’ imperfections compassionately.

Becoming Like the Savior

The Savior’s counsel to His disciples highlights the importance of becoming like Him, who is the ultimate example of compassion and judgment tempered with mercy. We should aspire to be compassionate peacemakers, focusing on our own growth rather than fixating on the perceived flaws of others.

Embracing the Savior's Compassion

In conclusion, Elder Ulisses Soares’ message resonates with the timeless teaching of the Savior: compassion is at the heart of His gospel. As we strive to emulate His compassionate example, we grow closer to God and find lasting happiness. We are called to be compassionate, understanding, and merciful in our interactions with others.

A World Transformed by Compassion

Let us heed the call to compassion. In our daily lives, let us practice understanding, kindness, and empathy towards all we encounter. By doing so, we can make the world a better place, one act of compassion at a time.

As we embrace the Savior’s compassion and extend it to those around us, we become instruments of His love. Our actions can soften hearts, heal wounds, and bring hope to those in despair. May our lives be a testament to the power of compassion and the transformative influence of the Savior’s abiding love.

Let us take Elder Soares’ message to heart, striving to see others through the lens of compassion, and in doing so, we will draw nearer to the Savior and help create a world filled with His love and understanding.

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