Rediscovering the Marvels of the Gospel: A Call to Spiritual Wonder

Today’s inspiration is drawn from Bishop Gérald Caussé’s poignant address, “Is It Still Wonderful to You?” delivered during the April 2015 General Conference. In his message, Bishop Caussé invites us to rekindle our sense of wonder and marvel at the blessings of the gospel in our lives.

The Wonder of Recognition

Bishop Caussé begins by emphasizing the importance of recognizing and marveling at the wonders of the gospel. He shares a personal anecdote about his children’s realization that they had never visited the Eiffel Tower despite living near Paris—a reminder that sometimes, we overlook the marvels that surround us.

Marveling Amidst Familiarity

Drawing parallels to the time of Jesus Christ, Bishop Caussé highlights how even those who walked and talked with the Savior failed to fully recognize His divinity. Similarly, in our modern era, we are privileged to witness remarkable signs of the Restoration and experience personal miracles, yet we may become desensitized to their wonder amidst the routine of daily life.

The Fragility of Spiritual Wonder

Bishop Caussé warns against the fragility of our ability to marvel. He cautions that casual observance of commandments, apathy, and weariness can dull our spiritual senses, making us insensitive to the miraculous signs and blessings of the gospel.

Three Invitations to Rediscover Wonder

Bishop Caussé extends three invitations to help us rediscover the wonder of the gospel:

1. Never Tire of Discovering Truth: Encourage a continuous pursuit of spiritual knowledge through study, meditation, and prayer. Emphasize the importance of approaching familiar scriptures and gospel principles with new eyes and an open heart.
2. Anchor Faith in Simple Truths: Stress the significance of grounding our amazement in the core principles of the gospel, our covenants, and acts of worship. Share stories, like the one of African villagers traveling miles on foot to partake of the sacrament, to illustrate the power of simple acts of devotion.
3. Seek the Companionship of the Holy Ghost: Highlight the essential role of the Holy Ghost in sharpening our spiritual senses and renewing our testimonies. Encourage fervent prayer and righteous living to invite and retain the companionship of the Spirit.

Embracing the Marvels of the Gospel

In conclusion, Bishop Caussé reaffirms the miraculous nature of the gospel, rooted in the Savior’s Atonement—a perfect gift of love from the Father and the Son. He encourages us to cultivate eyes that see, ears that hear, and hearts that perceive the wonders of the gospel in our lives.

Cultivating Wonder and Sharing Light As we reflect on Bishop Caussé's message, let us heed his call to action:

Cultivate Wonder: Make a conscious effort to rediscover the marvels of the gospel in your life. Approach each day with a sense of awe and gratitude for God’s blessings.

Share Light: Extend the light of the gospel to others by sharing stories of wonder and faith. Be a beacon of hope and inspiration to those around you, lifting them with the message of Christ’s love and grace. Link to original: Is It Still Wonderful to You?

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