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Healing Your Damaged Life: A Path to Redemption

Today’s inspiration is drawn from the enlightening words of Elder Richard G. Scott, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, shared during the October 1992 General Conference. In his talk, Elder Scott guides us on a transformative journey to heal our damaged lives, teaching us how to find redemption and inner peace.

Fond Memories and Damaged Lives

Do you have cherished memories of your childhood? Moments when the world seemed magical, and life was pure and simple? Elder Richard G. Scott takes us on a nostalgic journey to his childhood, where he spent blissful days on his uncle’s farm in rural Virginia. There, surrounded by nature’s wonders, he and his brothers discovered the joys of hiking through fragrant woods, observing wildlife, and relishing homemade delicacies like hot apple pie with ice cream.

Yet, amidst the idyllic scenes of those summers and falls, Elder Scott recounts a different experience—one that metaphorically mirrors the struggles many of us face in our lives. He recalls a thrilling yet terrifying ride on a rope swing, spun into a whirl of dizziness and nausea by his brother. This experience serves as a poignant analogy for those who seek excitement and stimulation beyond the boundaries set by the Lord, only to find themselves spiraling into darkness.

The Pursuit of Transitory Stimulation

Elder Scott poses critical questions that compel us to examine our own lives. Are we, like young Richard on that swing, seeking fleeting excitement, knowing all too well that it is always followed by profound negative feelings? Are we allowing tantalizing emotions to drive us, creating an insatiable thirst for more, even as we anticipate the painful consequences? Are we losing sight of the motivation to change, even as the negative harvest of our transgressions becomes evident?

Perhaps you’ve wondered how and when to stop this relentless pursuit of fleeting pleasure. Elder Scott offers insight and guidance that can transform lives.

Understanding the Interplay of Agency and Truth

Elder Scott reminds us of our agency—the precious gift from God that grants us the ability to make choices. He emphasizes that we are free to choose our path in life, but we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions. The consequences are set by eternal law, and they follow our choices. When we act in accordance with truth and righteousness, we receive light and truth. When we deviate from the path of obedience, we risk losing that light and truth.

In Doctrine and Covenants 93:28, 37, and 39, the Lord teaches us that light and truth forsake the evil one through disobedience. In verse 37, it’s clear that the wicked one takes away light and truth from those who transgress. Thus, the way to overcome the effects of wrong choices, whether they involve lying, stealing, addiction, or any form of transgression, is to obey truth.

Elder Scott points out that the Lord Himself has defined truth and established right and wrong. He reserved the privilege to define what is right and just. Our agency allows us to choose our path, but we are bound to the consequences set by God. When we deliberately and consistently disobey His commandments, we gradually discover the truth about the consequences of our actions.

Seeking Redemption through Repentance

But what if you’ve already crossed the line? What if you’re trapped in a web of transgressions, feeling hopeless and helpless? Elder Scott’s message offers hope. He advises that the first step towards healing is acknowledging the need for change. Deep down, you know that breaking commandments doesn’t bring lasting happiness, only grief for yourself and others.

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom—a painful and potentially scarred place. Instead, face the challenge head-on. As Robert Frost wisely said, “The best way out is always through.” To heal your damaged life, you must confront your actions and their consequences. The path to redemption and healing begins with faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to His commandments.

Elder Scott reassures us that change is possible. Although it may seem daunting, you have the capacity to overcome your transgressions. You might wonder why people don’t believe in your decision to change. Recognize that building a reputation of integrity and compliance with truth takes time, especially if your past was marked by deception and deceit. Trust will come as others see your consistent righteous actions.

Discerning Whose Advice to Follow

In a world filled with conflicting advice, how do you determine whose counsel to trust? Elder Scott provides a simple set of questions to guide your decision:

What motivates the offer of help? Assess the intentions behind the advice.

Does common sense confirm its rightness? Does the advice align with reason and logic?

Has the advice been followed successfully by the giver in their own life? Look for examples of the advice’s effectiveness.

Honest evaluation using these standards can help you discern between advice that genuinely supports your growth and advice that serves others’ interests. A true friend, as Elder Scott emphasizes, is one who helps you do what you know you ought to do, not just what you want to do.

The Role of Repentance in Healing

Elder Scott further elaborates on the importance of genuine remorse and acceptance of responsibility for improper acts. When you begin to show contrition and a desire for improvement, that’s when you need and should seek help and support from others. Healing begins when you acknowledge your transgressions and take responsibility for them.

Seeking Help and Healing

If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of transgression and despair, remember that you’re not alone. Seek help and support from someone you trust—a friend, a loved one, a professional, or a member of your community. With the strength that comes from using your agency to live in accordance with truth, you can be healed through the Savior.

Elder Scott highlights the transformative role of a priesthood leader who, acting as an inspired instrument, can provide healing through the Savior. Seek out someone who understands the principles of agency and truth, someone who can guide you on the path to redemption.

The Healing Power of the Savior

In closing, Elder Scott bears his testimony that the Savior possesses the power to heal permanently. He cites the example of Christ healing those who came to Him with faith and contrite hearts. The Savior’s healing power is accessible to all who choose to obey truth and use their agency according to His teachings.

Embrace Healing and Share It

Elder Scott’s message teaches us that healing is possible, even from the darkest depths of transgression and despair. If you find yourself in need of healing, start your journey today. Seek help, acknowledge your wrongs, and embrace the truth. In doing so, you’ll unlock the Savior’s healing power.

Furthermore, let us remember that many around us may be struggling with their own damaged lives. Extend your support, guidance, and love to those in need. Be a source of healing and hope for others. By helping one another heal, we can collectively make the world a better, more compassionate place. Link to the original: Click Here

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