God’s Wisdom Now - Thoughts, Cautions and How It Works

Ultimately, for each of us, the only completely reliable source of guidance is listening directly to God through the quiet whispers of the Holy Spirit. This “God’s Wisdom Now” webpage is meant to assist in that process – not replace it. If we sincerely pray for meaningful guidance before using this tool, it can help us immensely. I have experienced it and know it can. Even without this program, prayerfully opening the scriptures to a random page often brings relevant, insightful answers to prayers, concerns, and issues of the moment. This tool works similarly.

Let me share how I gain divine guidance here. If you are prayerful and mindful, you will find your own similar path

I hope and pray you will use this wonderful tool wisely and often to bring more happiness and meaning into your life. Your comments are always welcome below.


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