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Embracing the Sacredness of Home and Temple

Today’s inspiration is drawn from Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s profound address on “Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples,” delivered during the April 2009 General Conference. In his talk, Elder Stevenson beautifully illustrates the interconnectedness of the temple and the home, inviting us to cultivate sacred spaces where the spirit of the Lord may dwell.

The Eternal Significance of the Temple

Elder Stevenson begins by emphasizing the eternal nature of the temple as a guiding beacon in our lives. He recounts a touching anecdote of his sons’ recognition that as long as they could see the temple, they were not lost—a poignant metaphor for the temple’s role in providing direction amidst life’s uncertainties.

The Temple: A Source of Guidance and Strength

Highlighting the temple as a sanctuary from the chaos of the world, Elder Stevenson underscores its significance as a place of covenants and eternal ordinances. He encourages us to turn our hearts and homes toward the temple, seeking its guiding light in our daily lives.

Strengthening the Bond Between Home and Temple

Elder Stevenson draws parallels between the temple and the home, emphasizing their sacredness and interconnectedness. Just as we are instructed to turn our doors toward the temple, we are encouraged to make our homes a “house of the Lord,” filled with love, peace, and gospel-centered living.

Applying Eternal Gospel Principles at Home

Offering practical guidance, Elder Stevenson prompts us to take a spiritual tour of our homes, envisioning them as sacred spaces where the Spirit can dwell. He encourages us to assess the atmosphere of our homes, ensuring they reflect the values of prayer, scripture study, and uplifting communication.

Establishing Sacred Standards for the Home

Elder Stevenson suggests engaging in family councils to establish standards that will preserve the sacredness of our homes. By emulating the divine qualities of a “house of the Lord,” we begin the construction of a spiritual mansion where the treasures of heaven may abide.

Uniting Families Through Temple Ordinances

Echoing the teachings of modern prophets, Elder Stevenson emphasizes the unity between temple ordinances and eternal families. He testifies of the power of temple covenants to seal generations together, ensuring a bond that transcends mortality.

A Call to Turn Hearts Toward the Temple

As we reflect on the sacred connection between home and temple, let us heed the following call to action:

Prioritize Temple Attendance: Make a commitment to attend the temple regularly and renew your temple recommend as often as possible. Embrace temple service as a sacred opportunity to draw closer to the Lord and strengthen your family bonds.

Cultivate a Sacred Home Environment: Take deliberate steps to create a home filled with love, peace, and gospel-centered living. Foster an atmosphere where the Spirit can dwell, nurturing faith and unity among family members. Link to Original: Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples

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