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Embracing the Responsibilities of the Aaronic Priesthood

Today’s inspiration is drawn from Elder David B. Haight’s inspiring conference talk, “The Responsibility of Young Aaronic Priesthood Bearers,” delivered in April 1981. In a world filled with challenges and distractions, Elder Haight’s message reminds us of the sacred role young Aaronic Priesthood holders play in shaping the future. This post explores the key themes from his talk, incorporating relevant biblical scripture and concludes with a call to action for young men to make a positive impact on the world.

The Call to Serve: A Two-Year-Old's Faith

Elder Haight opens with an anecdote about Scott, a two-year-old boy who insisted on having a white shirt because he believed he couldn’t be a missionary without one. This touching story illustrates the faith and innocence of youth and how even the youngest among us can feel a divine calling. It reminds us that the Lord uses individuals of all ages to accomplish His work.

The Miracle of the Church's Expansion

Elder Haight draws a parallel between the growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the stone cut out of the mountain without hands, referencing Doctrine and Covenants 65:2. This scripture emphasizes the miraculous and unstoppable expansion of the Church, highlighting the divine nature of its mission.

Impact of Spiritual Influence

The heartwarming story of a family’s unexpected encounter with the Church in St. George, Utah, underscores the transformative power of spiritual influence. The children’s simple yet profound observations led to the conversion of their entire family. This narrative serves as a reminder that our actions and teachings can have a lasting impact on others, especially those who are prepared to receive the gospel.

Bearing the Priesthood: A Sacred Responsibility

Elder Haight highlights the sacredness of the Aaronic Priesthood and the responsibilities it entails. He encourages young men to seek righteousness and grow in wisdom and strength through scripture study and prayer. By doing so, they can prepare themselves to declare repentance, baptize, administer the sacrament, and serve their communities.

Miracles Performed by Youth

The talk shares examples of young people, like Jesus, David, and Joseph Smith, who made significant contributions at a young age. These stories emphasize that age does not limit one’s ability to serve the Lord and make a difference. Young men are encouraged to recognize their divine potential and fulfill their responsibilities with courage and faith.

Living with Integrity in a Challenging World

Elder Haight addresses the challenges young people face in a world that often promotes immediate gratification and worldly pursuits. He encourages them to resist temptations such as substance abuse, pornography, and immoral media. Instead, they should uphold values like duty, truth, justice, and mercy, which serve as a moral compass to guide their choices.

Honor, Integrity, and Sacrifice

The talk shares the story of Danny Ainge’s father, who prioritized honor and integrity over financial gain. This serves as a reminder that success should not come at the expense of one’s character. The scriptures warn against gaining the whole world but losing one’s soul (Mark 8:36). Young men are encouraged to prioritize their character and values above worldly temptations.

Paying a Full Tithe

Elder Haight emphasizes the importance of paying a full tithing, even if it seems like a small amount. The story of a young boy paying a full tithe of fourteen cents underscores the principle that spiritual blessings accompany obedience to this commandment. Young men are encouraged to be diligent in paying their tithing and trust in the Lord’s promises.

Preparation and Success

A humorous football anecdote is used to illustrate the importance of preparation for success. Just as the young football team needed proper training and readiness, young men should prepare themselves spiritually and mentally to fulfill their priesthood responsibilities. Success often depends on previous preparation.

A Call to Action

In conclusion, Elder Haight’s message serves as a call to action for young Aaronic Priesthood holders. They are urged to embrace their responsibilities, live with integrity, and prepare themselves for divine service. Just as young individuals in the scriptures and anecdotes made a difference, today’s youth can have a positive impact on the world by upholding their sacred calling.

Making the World a Better Place

Young men, you hold within you the divine power and authority of the Aaronic Priesthood. Embrace your responsibilities with faith and courage. Uphold your integrity and live by timeless values. As you prepare yourselves spiritually and serve others, you can be champions of truth, honesty, and faith in a living God. In doing so, you’ll contribute to making the world a better place, one act of service and kindness at a time. Link to the original: The Responsibility of Young Aaronic Priesthood Bearers

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