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Embracing Life's Invitations: Lessons from Elder Kenneth Johnson's "The Motorcycle Ride"

Today’s inspiration is drawn from Elder Kenneth Johnson’s heartfelt message, “The Motorcycle Ride,” shared during the April 1990 general conference.

A Journey of Unexpected Lessons

Life often takes unexpected turns, presenting us with choices that can alter the course of our destiny. Elder Kenneth Johnson’s memorable account of “The Motorcycle Ride” serves as a poignant reminder of the invitations life extends to us and the profound impact our responses can have.

Scripture: Matthew 4:19 - Answering the Divine Call

“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

The Power of Choices

Elder Johnson’s youthful motorcycle adventure, hurtling at a daring speed of one hundred miles per hour, teaches us about the power of choices. He made a choice that day never to let someone else control his life. Life is full of choices, both big and small, and the decisions we make shape our future. Young men and women, like motorcycles on an open road, possess the freedom to make choices that define their paths.

Invitations That Transform

The invitation to come unto Christ is perhaps the most profound and life-altering invitation we can receive. Elder Johnson’s life was forever transformed when he met a young lady who made it clear that her eternal goal was to be married in the temple. Her invitation to embrace the gospel and its covenants led him to discover the beauty and depth of the restored truth. Her invitation paved the way for him to find his eternal companion, and their journey has been one of faith and joy.

The Power to Influence

Young men and women have a remarkable power within them—the power to influence for good. Elder Johnson’s life was influenced by the choice of his eternal companion to extend the invitation to come unto Christ. Her commitment to the gospel and her unwavering desire for an eternal temple marriage set a course for Elder Johnson’s life that ultimately led him to the fulness of the gospel. We, too, have the ability to positively influence the lives of those around us by extending similar invitations.

The Sacredness of Covenants

Elder Johnson’s message reminds us of the sacredness of the covenants we make. Covenants are not merely formalities; they are binding commitments between us and our Heavenly Father. These covenants are sealed with the promise of blessings and eternal associations. Elder Johnson’s mention of the covenants that “seal to [him] those things most precious and sacred” underscores their significance in our journey of discipleship.

Magnifying Our Callings

In his closing remarks, Elder Johnson expresses his commitment to magnify his calling and diligently teach the word of God. This lesson reminds us that when we receive callings or responsibilities, we should approach them with diligence and dedication. Magnifying our callings is a way to answer the Lord’s invitations to serve and bless the lives of others.

Embrace Life's Invitations

Elder Johnson’s experiences teach us that life extends invitations, both subtle and overt, that can change the course of our lives. As we navigate life’s journey, we should:

1. Choose Wisely: Recognize the power of your choices, and make decisions that align with your values and goals.

2. Extend Invitations: Follow the example of the young lady who invited Elder Johnson to come unto Christ. Extend invitations to others, sharing the gospel’s blessings and truths.

3. Be Positive Influencers: Recognize your power to positively influence others’ lives through your actions, testimonies, and choices.

4. Honor Covenants: Hold sacred the covenants you make with God, understanding their significance and the blessings they bring.

5. Magnify Your Callings: Approach your responsibilities and callings with dedication, seeking to serve and bless those you are called to minister to.

In doing so, we can help make the world a better place, one invitation at a time. Link to the original: The Motorcycle Ride

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