Developing Christlike Attributes: A Path to Personal and Spiritual Growth

Today’s inspiration is drawn from Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service, specifically the section titled “How Do I Develop Christlike Attributes?” This profound message invites us to reflect on our personal development and spiritual journey by cultivating attributes that mirror those of Jesus Christ. Let’s explore how we can nurture these qualities to become more effective in our roles, whether as missionaries, community members, or individuals striving for personal excellence.

The Call to Follow Christ

At the beginning of His mortal ministry, Jesus Christ called out to two fishermen, Peter and Andrew, saying, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). This simple yet profound invitation extends to each of us. Following Christ means more than just adopting His teachings; it involves embodying His attributes through our actions and thoughts, made possible by His Atonement.

Why Christlike Attributes Matter

Our journey as followers of Christ is not just about what we do but who we become. Developing Christlike attributes is essential for enduring to the end. This involves increasing our faith in Christ, continually repenting, renewing our covenants through partaking of the sacrament, and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Identifying Christlike Attributes

The scriptures describe various Christlike attributes essential for our development. These include faith, hope, charity and love, virtue, knowledge, patience, humility, diligence, and obedience. Each attribute contributes uniquely to our spiritual growth and effectiveness in our callings and daily lives.

Faith in Jesus Christ

Faith in Jesus Christ means believing in Him as the Son of God and our Savior. This faith leads to action—repentance, obedience, and service. As our faith grows, we trust in the Lord’s commandments and become capable of performing miracles according to His will. Increasing our faith involves diligent study, prayer, and obedience to the Holy Ghost.



Hope is the confident expectation that the Lord will fulfill His promises. It is demonstrated through optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance. Hope allows us to work through trials, knowing that all things will work together for our good. It is a crucial anchor for our souls, helping us remain steadfast in our pursuit of eternal life.


Charity and Love

Charity, the pure love of Christ, involves loving God and our neighbors. This love drives us to serve others, seek their welfare, and avoid negative feelings like anger or envy. Developing charity means praying for it, striving to see others as God sees them, and actively looking for ways to help and uplift those around us.


Virtue is maintaining high moral standards in thought and action. It requires us to focus on righteous, uplifting thoughts and quickly repent of any wrongdoing. Virtuous individuals are clean in heart, live worthy of the Spirit’s guidance, and strive to keep their minds filled with wholesome thoughts.


Gaining knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge, is vital for our growth. Daily scripture study, learning from Church leaders, and seeking answers through prayer are ways to increase our understanding. Applying gospel principles in our lives helps us gain insights and guidance from the Holy Ghost.


Patience is the ability to endure challenges without frustration. It involves trusting in the Lord’s timing and remaining calm under pressure. Patience is closely linked to hope and faith, as we wait for the Lord’s promises to be fulfilled. Developing patience requires practicing long-suffering and understanding towards others and ourselves.



Humility is recognizing our dependence on the Lord and giving Him credit for our successes. It is not a sign of weakness but of spiritual strength. Humble individuals are grateful, teachable, and willing to follow God’s will and the counsel of His servants. Humility helps us remain obedient and selfless in our service.


Diligence is putting forth consistent, earnest effort in our endeavors. It reflects our love for the Lord and His work. Diligent individuals work effectively, plan regularly, and avoid distractions. This quality brings joy and satisfaction, as we see the fruits of our labor and progress in our spiritual journey.



Obedience is the first law of heaven. It requires us to keep the commandments, follow mission rules, and heed the counsel of our leaders. Obedience is an act of faith that increases our wisdom, testimony, and protection. It involves trusting that God’s commandments are for our benefit and acting accordingly, even when we do not fully understand.

How to Develop Christlike Attributes To develop Christlike attributes, follow this pattern:

Identify the attribute you wish to develop.
Write a definition and description of the attribute.
Record questions to answer as you study.
List and study scriptures related to the attribute.
Record your feelings and impressions.
Set goals and make plans to apply the attribute in your life.
Pray for the Lord’s help in developing the attribute.
Evaluate your progress periodically.

Developing Christlike attributes is a lifelong pursuit. It requires exercising faith, repenting, keeping covenants, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. By striving to embody these attributes, we not only improve ourselves but also inspire and uplift those around us.


Let’s commit to developing at least one Christlike attribute in our lives. Reflect on which attribute you most need or want to develop, study it diligently, and set specific goals to incorporate it into your daily actions. By doing so, we can make the world a better place, one action and decision at a time. Embrace this journey of becoming more like Christ, and see the positive impact it has on your life and those you serve. Link to Original: How Do I Develop Christlike Attributes?

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