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Choosing a Life of Service: The Quiet Revolution of Youth Missionaries"

Today’s inspiration is drawn from “We Care Enough to Send Our Very Best” by Bishop Richard C. Edgley during October 1996.

The Universal Call to Service: A Gift from Parent to Child

From the plains of Iowa to the streets of the Bronx, from the cities of Peru and Bolivia to the jungles of Colombia and Kenya, parents worldwide have made a profound choice. They have chosen to send their children into the world to serve as missionaries. These aren’t just any kids; they’re young men and women who stand at the cusp of adulthood, brimming with dreams, talents, and immense potential.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Parents following this Biblical wisdom invest their best in the nurturing of their children. They rejoice in their successes and suffer in their setbacks, the way any parent does for their child. And then they do something extraordinary: they willingly send their children into the world, often to faraway lands, to share the message of hope and love.

A Commitment Beyond Convenience: The Rigorous Life of a Missionary

Saying yes to a missionary’s life is hardly convenient. Imagine you’re a young adult, maybe just a year out of high school. You might be starting college, getting your first serious job, or perhaps you’re in a relationship that’s getting serious. Then comes the call. Cars are sold, relationships are put on pause, education and careers are deferred—all for the sake of service.

For those who go, the days are grueling but fulfilling. They begin at 6:30 a.m., filled with hours of study and hard work, including voluntary community service, which could be anything from teaching English to serving in hospitals. Despite the rigors, these young missionaries find joy and purpose, their service standing as a testament to their faith and as an embodiment of the Biblical directive: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

Truths Restored, Not Replaced: A Respectful

Approach to Evangelism and Cultural Sensitivity
The work of missionaries has long been a subject of discussion, scrutiny, and sometimes misunderstanding. When young missionaries step into the realms of diverse religious, cultural, and social landscapes, some wonder about the audacity—or perhaps the necessity—of preaching to communities that already possess deep-rooted beliefs and traditions. It’s an earnest question: why attempt to share something perceived as new to a community that has its age-old spiritual practices? The point, however, is not to uproot but to enhance, to supplement what is already there with additional insights into spirituality and life’s purpose.

The message these young missionaries bear is not one of replacement but of restoration and addition. They carry a conviction that the truths they share can coexist with existing traditions and beliefs, enriching lives without negating pre-existing convictions. While the core message revolves around the teachings of Jesus Christ, it also includes profound insights about the role of families, the purpose of life, and the eternal significance of individual choices.

Furthermore, these missionaries are trained not just in the doctrine they teach but also in the cultural sensitivities of the regions they serve. The aim is to engage respectfully, openly, creating an environment where spiritual matters can be discussed freely, with mutual respect. They seek not to erase but to write new chapters in the existing books of wisdom in the communities they serve.

Your Role in this Grand Tapestry: A Call to Action for a Better Tomorrow

The narrative of service extends beyond the individuals directly involved in missionary work. It’s an echo that reverberates through communities, and the message it carries is universal: service matters, love matters, humanity matters. So, what happens when missionaries knock on your door? Perhaps you’re cleaning the house, in the middle of a meal, or enjoying some leisure time. The knock comes, and there’s a brief pause. Do you open the door or not?

If you do decide to open that door, you invite not just the missionaries but also the potential for a new dimension of spiritual or philosophical insight into your life. Whether or not you align with their beliefs, the message they carry could add a layer of depth to your existing understandings. If it leads to just one moment of clarity, a single flicker of spiritual or moral enlightenment, isn’t that a worthy investment of your time?

But even if opening the door to missionaries isn’t your way, that’s perfectly fine. Maybe your contribution to this grand tapestry of human kindness comes in a different form. It might be mentoring a child, volunteering at a local shelter, or simply being there for a friend in need. Every act of service, regardless of its size or visibility, stitches another patch into the quilt of collective humanity. So, whether you contribute by listening to missionaries or by choosing your own path of service, remember that you’re playing a part in a larger-than-life endeavor to make the world a better place.


Every single hand represented in this image holds its unique value in the grand scheme of human experience and service. Whether it’s a missionary hand reaching out to teach, a physician’s hand reaching out to heal, or a child’s hand reaching out in innocent friendship, each contributes to the beautiful mosaic that is our interconnected world. The key takeaway is that every person, from every background, has a role to play in improving our global community.

So, let’s not just stand on the sidelines. Let’s actively participate in this collective endeavor. In the name of service, compassion, and global unity, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. Your role in this grand tapestry awaits. What will your contribution be? 

In the name of service and love, let’s get to work. Link to the original: Click Here


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