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Finding Truth in Unexpected Places

Today’s inspiration is drawn from “And Now You Will Know” by Elder Joseph C. Muren Of the Seventy during October 1991.

In the journey of life, we often encounter moments that shape our beliefs and convictions. For Elder Joseph C. Muren, that moment came during his first year of university studies when he encountered two missionaries, Elder Henry Eddington and Elder Eleazer Asay. Their discussions on the restored gospel of Jesus Christ intrigued him, but it was a singular moment, a touch on the knee, and a solemn declaration that ignited a spiritual fire within him. In that moment, Elder Eddington’s words echoed with divine certainty, “And now you will know it is true.” This experience, recounted by Elder Muren, underscores a universal truth: that personal revelation can come in unexpected ways and transform our lives forever.

A Testimony Nourished by Time

Elder Muren’s journey didn’t end with that fiery moment of revelation. Over the years, he came to understand that his experience was not merely a fleeting emotion but a lasting testimony—a gift from a loving Heavenly Father. Just as a seed requires nurturing to grow into a mighty tree, so too does a testimony require nourishment and care. Through prayer, scripture study, and righteous living, Elder Muren found that his testimony grew stronger, anchoring him through life’s storms and guiding his every step.

Answering the Call: Missionary Work in Today's World

Elder Muren’s experience begs the question: Why do thousands of missionaries continue to heed the call to go forth and teach? The answer lies in the Savior’s own words, recorded in the Gospel of Matthew: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” This sacred charge, given to Christ’s apostles anciently, continues today through modern-day prophets. The mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is clear: to share the restored gospel with all the world, offering hope, healing, and salvation to all who will hear.

Inviting Others to Discover Truth

To those who have yet to find their own testimony, Elder Muren extends a heartfelt invitation. Just as he was taught by Elder Eddington and Elder Asay, so too are countless missionaries today ready to share the message of the restored gospel. It is a message of hope, of redemption, and of a divine plan crafted by a loving Heavenly Father. Elder Muren’s own testimony serves as a beacon of light, guiding others to discover truth for themselves.

Embracing a New Life

At its core, the gospel of Jesus Christ offers a promise of rebirth—a chance to leave behind the burdens of the past and embrace a new life filled with purpose and meaning. Through baptism and discipleship, individuals can experience a profound transformation, becoming true followers of Christ. This invitation is extended to all, regardless of background or circumstance, for in the eyes of a loving Father, all are His children, worthy of His boundless love and mercy.

Opening Doors to Spiritual Discovery

The title of Elder Joseph C. Muren’s talk, “And Now You Will Know,” encapsulates the essence of his profound spiritual journey. It speaks to the transformative power of personal revelation, the moment when truth is unveiled, and certainty takes root in the heart. In Elder Muren’s case, this revelation came through the gentle touch and solemn words of a missionary, sparking a spiritual awakening that would shape the course of his life forever.

A Journey of Discovery

Elder Muren’s journey began in the halls of academia, where his intellect was stirred by the teachings of two missionaries. Their discussions on the restored gospel of Jesus Christ opened new vistas of knowledge, igniting a curiosity that would ultimately lead to profound spiritual discovery. Through patient instruction and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Elder Muren’s heart and mind were opened to truths previously unknown, paving the way for a deep and abiding testimony of the gospel.

The Assurance of Personal Revelation

The pivotal moment in Elder Muren’s journey came when Elder Eddington, with unwavering conviction, declared, “And now you will know it is true.” In that sacred moment, the Spirit of God descended upon Elder Muren with the force of a consuming fire, leaving him physically exhausted yet spiritually assured of the truthfulness of the gospel. This experience, far from fleeting, served as an anchor for Elder Muren’s testimony, providing assurance and clarity in the face of doubt and uncertainty.

Nurturing the Flame of Testimony

As the years passed, Elder Muren came to understand the true significance of his spiritual experience. Like a flame that must be tended and nurtured, his testimony required ongoing care and attention. Through prayer, scripture study, and righteous living, Elder Muren found that his testimony grew stronger, serving as a guiding light in times of darkness and uncertainty. His journey serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of nurturing and cherishing our own testimonies, for they are gifts from a loving Heavenly Father, bestowed upon us to guide and sustain us on our mortal journey.

Sharing the Light of Truth

Elder Muren’s testimony did not exist in isolation but served as a beacon of light to all who crossed his path. Inspired by the example of the missionaries who taught him, Elder Muren felt compelled to share the truth he had found with others. His testimony became a source of strength and inspiration to those around him, inviting them to embark on their own journey of spiritual discovery. In this way, Elder Muren’s testimony became a catalyst for change, illuminating the path to truth and salvation for all who were willing to listen.

Embracing Truth, Embracing Change

In conclusion, Elder Muren’s journey serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of truth. Just as he was touched by the Spirit many years ago, so too can each of us experience our own moments of revelation and enlightenment. As we heed the call to share truth with others, we participate in the ongoing work of building the kingdom of God on earth. Let us, therefore, embrace this sacred responsibility with humility and courage, knowing that by doing so, we can help make the world a better place for all of God’s children.

As we embark on our own journey of faith, may we follow Elder Muren’s example, opening our hearts and minds to the whisperings of the Spirit and nurturing the flame of testimony within us. In doing so, we can unlock the truth that lies within and illuminate the path to a brighter, more hopeful future for ourselves and those around us.

Embracing Elder Muren's Legacy: Spreading Truth and Light in Our World

Today, I invite you to reflect on Elder Muren’s journey and consider how you can play a role in sharing truth and light with those around you. Whether it’s through acts of service, sharing your testimony, or simply extending a listening ear to those in need, each of us has the power to make a difference in the lives of others. Together, let us strive to create a world filled with love, compassion, and understanding. Link to Original: And Now You Will Know

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